Unlike passive learning that comes from TV, DVD’s video games and computer screens, Meet Make Create (MMC) develops physical, social and intellectual skills through interactive art classes.

Designed to suit all levels and ages, MMC’s term-based program incorporates a variety of art techniques including painting, drawing, crafting, sculpture and textiles in its 90-minute sessions.

Children are encouraged to express themselves freely and interpret each weekly theme in their own, uniquely creative way. An outline is provided to parents and carers so that children can continue creating at home, and hopefully share their passion with their siblings, family and friends.

“Meet Make Create is about letting go of inhibitions, learning, making new friends, getting dirty and creativity without the fear of being judged or doing something wrong,” said founder Nikki Buckland. “There are no wrong outcomes; it’s the child’s creation and they own it.”

We provide all the non-toxic, skin-safe materials needed for each class, as well as aprons to protect clothes (although we recommend children wear casual clothes instead of their school uniform). Children also receive a Meet Make Create tote at the beginning of term so that they can safely carry their artworks home each week.

Here’s what a respected Paediatric specialist thinks of Meet Make Create


Common Q&A’s

My child does art at school so what benefits would they get from Meet Make Create? 

MMC is much more craft focused than general art classes delivered at school. The range of materials used is very broad and the focus is very much on 3D creations. There is of course, an element of “art” in everything we do but we tend to be a more tactile and dexterous workshop than a pure art based class.

    What materials do you use? Are any of them toxic?

    You name it! Everything from paints to glue, Posca pens, paper, clay, wood, sponges, textiles, ink and feathers. Nothing is off limits – except for toxic materials, which we don’t use. All materials are child and skin friendly.

    Do we have to supply our own art smocks?

    No. A stylish, machine washable MMC apron and tote bag is provided at the beginning of the term program.

    Do I need training to run a Meet Make Create class in my neighbourhood?

    No. You don’t need to be a teacher, nor do you need to be an artist. All you need is a love for craft and a rapport for children. Lesson plans are very straightforward and are provided to Makers well in advance of the workshop.

    Is there a cost involved in setting up Meet Make Create?

    Yes.  We offer you a licence to operate Meet Make Create.  If you would like further information please email submit our contact form

    What is in a term kit?

    This is designed for the Makers and includes all the necessary materials needed for a class of up to 15 children. This includes paints, brushes, scissors, glue guns, tote bags and aprons. All other specific materials for individual lessons are provided well in advance.

    Have your teachers undergone Working with Children Checks?


    Are your classes refundable if we cannot attend all classes?

    No.  Due to the small nature of out classes they are not refundable.  You have an option to purchase a term or a casual class each week.

    Are the classes transferrable?

    Only if you wish to join MMC in another location.

    *all images are examples of what the children will create.  Children are encouraged to use their creativity to inspire and create their own original artwork.