Crystal Dream Kit

DREAM | a series of visions, ideas or emotions passing through our mind during sleep.

We all dream. Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are bad and sometimes we just don't remember them. Enhance your dreams and bring with it a peaceful and restful sleep with the crystal dream kit.

Each Dream Kit comes beautifully and simply packaged with 

  • New Jade to assist in remembering your dreams and dream-solving
  • Amethyst to bring intuitive dream and peaceful sleep
  • Rhodonite to enhance the vividness of dreams
  • Moonstone for recalling and understanding dreams via your feelings
  • Blue Apatite to help you find creative solutions through dreams
  • Information on each of the crystals and instructions on how to love and care for your crystals

All crystals have been charged and are ready to join you in a peaceful and restful sleep.

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Type: Crystal Kits

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