Crystal Happiness Kit

HAPPINESS | a state of joy or elation 

Happiness is something we all strive for but sometimes it can get a bit tricky or confusing.  We must remember that happiness is not one size fits all and it is different for every person. Use these crystals to absorb your energy and give it back to you; helping you find the happiness you deserve and desire. 

Each Happiness Kit comes beautifully and simply packaged with 

  • Sunstone to restore zest for life
  • Mookaite for a 'young at heart' attitude and cheerful composure
  • Tiger Eye to increase optimism and eliminate the blues
  • Rainforest Rhyolite to bring you joy and hope
  • Orange Calcite for recovering a sense of playfulness, fun and wonderment
  • Information on each of the crystals and instructions on how to love and care for your crystals

All crystals have been charged and are ready to join you in your happiness journey.

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Type: Crystal Kits

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