Crystal Study Kit

STUDY | the application of the mind to acquire knowledge

Knowledge is the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. We gain this wisdom through information, learning, and experience. We can be seek knowledge to help us expand our minds or maybe gain insight on particular situations. We also may want to broaden our horizons or even study better in school. Use this kit to support your studying journey. The perfect kit for back to school.

Each Study Kit comes beautifully and simply packaged with 

  • Fluorite to improve focus and decision making to bring order to your ideas
  • Sodalite to stimulate the intellect, assisting in analytical pursuits
  • Clear Quartz to aid in concentration and bring clarity and eliminating confusion
  • Sapphire for mental agility and discipline and to bring inner wisdom
  • Ametrine to increase memory retention and remove mental blocks
  • Information on each of the crystals and instructions on how to love and care for your crystals

All crystals have been charged and are ready to join you in your study journey.

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